An organ, a life

Organ donation

Removal authorisation

When someone dies their organs can be removed upon the condition that :
- The dead person has been registered in the register of births marriages and deaths or in the register of foreigners for at least 6 months,
- The dead person or some of their heirs have not clearly opposed to it.

If nothing was told before, the family will have to give their consent.

Malingre a decision in such hard times is often very difficult. That is why we highly recommand that people should fill in a form to clearly express their will.

How to oppose ?

You may oppose to organ removal by means of :
- An official statement made at the civil service of the place where you live. Each municipality has special registers that may be consulted by doctors and hospitals in due time,
- A statement agreed by a solicitor,
- All opinion told to your doctor either by yourself or by your husband or wife or by a direct heir.